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Oceanos is a contact data solution. For more than 15 years, B2B marketing and sales organizations have successfully integrated with Oceanos to cleanse, enrich and grow their contact databases. The process is powered by the highest quality inputs and algorithms, leveraging multiple data sources, innovation, and strategic expertise.

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Contact API
We ingest data from a network of partners including traditional data companies, publishers, and social networks. When a contact record is selected for purchase, real-time hygiene treatments are applied (email verification and social screening) to optimize quality prior to its release.

Cleanse/Append API
The Oceanos cleanse process includes email verification and social screening to surface bad/problematic data. Our data append solution seeks to fill-in/update account and contact level attributes.

**G2Crowd continually recognizes Oceanos with its “Leader” designation, its top-ranking award.**


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